Rodney Howard Browne – Wanda R. Testimony

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These past 3 weeks of RBI teachings and downloads of the Holy Ghost and Fire has been indescribably supernatural.

I did not know if I was going to make it to school this year, but then in the last minute I finally got a breakthrough getting a job with a wonderful group of people.  They worked around my hours, being that I told them that I was attending RBI, but the hours are steady.  I am still having to trust God for one more thing; my transportation, but I am following after peace knowing he will make away.  I’m learning to lean on spirit when wrestling with my mind, as it keeps telling me that I am incapable of doing the things set before me; never done that, never gone there, you will never do it.  Then the Spirit of God roused within me and says; when you are weak, I am strong.  That he will complete me in every area of doubt, insecurity, fear and my inabilities.  I said wow Lord, there would be very little of me left.  It will only be you, hallelujah.  Thank you Jesus, thank you Heavenly father and thank you Holy Spirit.

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