Rodney Howard Browne – Trinette testimony

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The word is alive and living on the inside of me.  The word is truth and life and with that word planted on the inside of me, I have life more abundantly.  We were created in the image of God; intended to walk in the authority and power given to us through the name of Jesus.  This power and authority is utilized through the avenue of faith and becomes active and alive in us through the power of our spoken word.  We, as individuals, are the single most important person the word can be spoken through to activate the power of God’s word in our lives.  Our hearts must be tender, receptive and yielding in order for the seeds of God’s goodness and truth to take root in our hearts.   Faith is believing that God’s word is true and knowing in our heart that whatsoever we ask of Him He will provide.  Faith is more than just hearing God’s word with our ears; it is hearing His word in our hearts.  Faith is a verb.   An action on our part, stepping out and believing God is bigger than any circumstance; able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than what we could ask or think. He loves us more than we could imagine.  Once we allow His word to take root in our heart it is important to nourish it with faith and cultivate it with more truth.  Remaining grounded in the word of God will keep the seeds of His word firmly rooted and will ensure us to be healthy and strong in the things of God.  We must be ever mindful of the power our words have over our circumstance and to not speak negatively towards our situation and uproot the seeds of faith we have planted in our hearts.


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