Rodney Howard Browne – Pauline M. Testimony

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The  two weeks of the orientation revival at the revival weed of the bible school, something happen to me, I felt like something was lifting off of me. I felt like a lite large butterfly floating in the air getting  free so I” felt I had to surrender all the way, I never felt like that before. God opened my eyes, I started to see things differently. The anointing was very heavy on me. Than one morning the lord the Lord broke out with the offering at the altar, Dr Rodney obeyed God about the offering , the students were coming to the altar putting all types of items on the altar.

I felt something drop in my spirit, I did not feel like the same person. I was shaking and crying, tears were running down my face and I couldn’t stop. God was touching me to give up the rings on my finger. I really love those rings, I pulled them off quickly, then I took the watch off my wrist, I could not help myself, then I ran back to the altar with my jubilee seed, then ran home to get more stuff. I felt like I was getting  free, these two weeks  of rival week put a very big change in my life. I grew up in the church, I went to a lot of churches. I never been to a church like this in my life.

Since 2007 I have been coming here I started to grow more and more each day, one morning I had a dream. That Jesus was carrying the cross on his back. I ask. Lord what are you trying to show me? So he gave me a project to do on salvation. So I went to office Depoe and it was about hittin the street day and knight.I remember you and your wife prayed for me over the phone in 2004. You had asked for my pray request, and my pray request was to move back to Tampa, and you told me that everything I ask for was going to come to  pass.

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