Rodney Howard Browne – Mark T. Testimony

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I have had an awesome experience so far at RBI; God has been doing some amazing things in my life and through my life so far and I Know that it is only going to get better. I just want to share a quick testimony of how God used me in the call center last night. I was fired up to get on the phones and was expecting God to show up and do some amazing things. I had a sweet lady from Jamaica who called needing prayer for an oppressive spirit that had been showing up in her bed room every night at 4 A.M. At first when this precious woman shared this with me I was a little taken back.

I had to completely trust God that He would show up and run these demons back to the pits of Hell! I began to pray in the Spirit, and build my self up; then I then began to pray and read the script and command every foul spirit to take their hands off this woman’s heart, soul, and mind. I shared  with this lady what the  Word said about the authority we have in Christ Jesus and that she  has  the authority to command these foul spirits to take there hands off of her.

This precious woman began to speak in unknown tongues and was set free and delivered right then from the power of Satan. I thank God for RBI and the impartation they we as students are getting from Pastor Rodney and the staff here. God is working through Pastor Rodney and RBI to raise up world-shakers for the kingdom of God. I am so excited to just be a part of what God is doing in and through this Bible school. I cannot wait to see the finished product of myself and different students that God is raising up to turn this nation upside down by the power of the Holy Spirit. -Mark T

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