Rodney Howard Browne – Kim P. Testimony

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Wow is all i can say… The presence of god is so strong coming through the webcasts! I have been touched – sometimes weeping, crying, laughing… Overwhelmed with the goodness of the lord. These upper room meetings are doing exactly what the lord designated…. Get purged by the fire,,, get hungry for his manifest presence in our daily lives and then…. Go to the streets and give to others that are lost ! In 20 years after asking Jesus in to my heart – I came to the realization by the holy spirit revealing how really dead i had become – even though I was a spirit-filled evidenced by the manifestation of the heavenly language – believer in Jesus. Every night since New Years Eve… The fire of god has been rooting out and purging everything that is dead in me.. And bringing new life! All I can say is…. I’ve got to have going on in my life what the lord is doing in you all there at the river in t.b. And now all over!!!! I am not satisfied with anything less!!!!

That is my new and only pursuit….. Encounters daily with the living Jesus and going to the streets and sharing that with others….

Canada… Like America… Has been too steeped in dead head idolatry in the church!! We must have a river flow of the spirit moving to change our society!! We must have gathering places where people can come and get touched by the fire of god and be transformed and tell others

Thanks for being obedient messengers and igniters of that flame of fire the lord put in you in Africa!!!

As brother Reinhard B., by the spirit of the lord ,roared at a meeting here in Vancouver Bc Canada in 1994….

“all of Canada shall be saved!!!!”
I have hung on to that and now we are in the fulfillment of North America and a great awakening unto god!!! All i can say is wow!!!!

Cheers in Jesus Kim B.C. Canada

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