Rodney Howard Browne – Allen B. Testimony

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Soul winning in the beginning was really hard for me to just suck it up go up to someone and sheared Jesus with them. I was challenged by other to do better and have boldness and no fear with people. My first time soul winning was with my collage and career group Ignite! I was blessed to be able to lead 8 people to Jesus Christ that day! It was a long time till I was able to have such a fruitful day soul winning. It would be not be till I went on a G.A.T to Riverside, Cal that I would have a real brake through soul winning.

Even there it took many days for things to start to brake. I even went out with Mr. Jake Peterson and it wasn’t till I was put on one of the power teams that things were starting to brake and my brake though began. Then this had to be of God! I was put on a team with my friend Jerady and something that day was different from any other day. A fire was burning inside me. I had a passion for people and where they would spend eternity! I truly cared if they know who Jesus was and what He did for them. A true holy boldness came on me that day. I had been praying for a holy boldness to come on other people and I hadn’t been praying for it myself in my life and started to ask God for it myself and God answered my prayers.

Now how has soul winning impacted my life? It has shown me that it is the job of every beloved to win souls no matter who you are it is our job to share the good news every chance we get. That we are to continued to book of Acts with signs and wonders following us!

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