One touch from God – Rodney Howard Browne

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Just months ago, I would have told myself I was a fool. I would have told myself that I was wrong and why I was wrong. I would have given myself evidence upon evidence to attempt to denounce my faith. I would have disregarded myself. I would have disregarded God. I was lost, and broken. I had no intentions of ever being saved and I could be quoted of saying. “I found the capacity for faith to be disgusting.” I don’t say this because I like shock value. I say this so that you can truly understand what someone can be delivered from, and be changed into, just with one touch from God. One touch from God. With that one touch, we can become changed entirely, stripped down and rebuilt, we can see the call that God has placed on all of our lives, we can become aware of how important we all are to the kingdom of Heaven. Within that Love we find Purpose, a greater defining line that says “cross me,” a reason to continue, to aspire. Within His Grace we find reason, patience love and kindness. Without that touch, just that first touch from God, I would have never been who I am today. Just the other night during worship, I stopped, I turned around and looked at all the people I was surrounded by, I stopped and looked at the body of Christ as a whole and thought, “how did I get here, from where I am, to now?” Simply put, that one touch from God. My life has changed, I’ve seen lives around me change, I’ve seen blessing upon blessing bestowed upon good and faithful servants of the Lord most high. I’ve seen in just a few months the change in things around me at home. I’ve seen my family become structured once more, I’ve seen my family truly proud of me for the first time ever, and I’ve felt love for my family that I never knew I had. God made Himself real to me, and showed me an unrelenting love that gave me proof he was real, ever since that day I’ve never needed any more reassurance of his omnipresent existence. A person doesn’t come up to you, introduce themselves to you, save your life, and then you don’t look back a few days later and pretend they never existed and it was all emotion, so why would you with God? He has something great for you and your loved ones if you’re just willing to accept it. -Kody G.

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