Ministers Conference 2010 – Andrew H. Testimony

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Wow, Minister’s Conference was crazy awesome. My “territory was enlarged” and not only that, there were many things that I learned along the way.  My territory was enlarged physically by the Holy Ghost in the form of my vocal range. The lowest end of my vocal range is now two notes lower than before, and the highest end of my range has stretched a note up.

I was surprised the morning of the last day of the conference, when I was warming up my voice, I wasn’t hitting a break in my voice. So, I figured I wasn’t all the way done with my vocal warm-up. So, I kept going, a half step up, and then another. I went up another half step, then my voice was getting light on the top of the note, so I decided to stop so I wouldn’t hurt my voice. This seemed odd to me after I had done the vocal warm-up, so I counted the letters of the notes up to the note before I had stopped earlier, and it was a C-sharp.

Then it clicked, because I knew from before that I could only sing up to the B before it. Then I came down the scale and I came down comfortably from the lowest note from before which was G, down to the E. I knew it had to have been the Holy Ghost because I had stayed at the low G to the higher B for over a year and a half. Now I can sing from an even lower E to a high C-Sharp for a guy’s voice.

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