Rodney Howard Browne – Jared J. Testimony

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 Another awesome week here in Tampa. The most amazing testimony I have for this week is that I got my cousin Adam saved with the script who was on duty as a pilot in Richmond Virginia at the time. I was able to pray with him for him and his relationship and his son and baby that is on the way for long and healthy lives and that him and his girlfriend get married and it was just such a relief to me because I got over the fear part of talking and praying with him and it had amazing results and that to me is the hardest person out of my whole family to talk with so now I have no fear to get the rest of my family saved and it is like a fire in my belly when in my mind the hardest person accepted and was totally open and how the Holy Spirit works on certain individuals at the perfect time and gets through to them. It is an amazing gift to preach the gospel to the lost when you get a true revelation what it is all about.

I love doing it now. Back before I came here I would have never thought that I would. God is awesome and doing great things here on earth before He wraps it all up and we the Church are in forever peace and Joy with Him. It is such a blessing to be here even though I get a little lonely at times I know God has Great things in store for me and my family and I believe I’m going to be used to break through every one of their hard hearts and get them saved by the great love that I have within me which is Jesus Christ. The helps ministries are the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me because it is breaking me out of one of my weakest areas in communicating with other people and reaching out and breaking off my fear and nervousness. Praise God.  –Jared J.

Rodney Howard Browne – Gerard K. Testimony

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Back in Jonathan Edwards time, during The Great Awakening, people’s hearts were turned to Christ.  Young men and women were so saturated by the power of God and hungry for the things of God that everyone around got set ablaze.  Revival had spread from city to city, I am seeing that in our young people and youth.  Especially here at The River, they are the most on fire and radical young people. 

They don’t care and they don’t have any reputation to try to uphold.  What I am experiencing now is people calling in for prayer from all walks of life and by the time we finish praying we see the Holy Spirit taking over and peoples lives getting transformed and changed by the power of God.  I am seeing people that are hungry and thirsty for the things of God.  This nation needs a touch from God more than ever before.  Government cannot change this nation and religion cannot change this nation.  It is time to bring prayer to our schools, and to our courts.  America needs to raise a standard. 

God is willing that America will get saved.  It is up to us to light a fire across this nation.  One person full of the fire of God can do a lot of damage to the camp of the enemy.  This is our mandate young and old to light the fire across this nation.  I believe that everyone of us has a sphere of influence that you can reach.  It is our responsibility to plunder hell and to populate Heaven.  God is on the move and we are moving with Him.  Praise God. –Gerard K.