Rodney Howard Browne – Sandra J. Testimony

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I’m so grateful for the power of God showing up on each and every phone call I answer. The Holy Spirit consistently shows up and does a work in each persons’ life that I pray for, God is so good, and so amazing, I am grateful to be a daughter of the king. This week has been a busy one, but praise God I am making it through only by His power and strength! The Lord has begun to soften my heart in such an extreme way, it’s been powerful and He has been changing me more than I could ever have imagined. He is taking off bondages, as I allow the Holy Spirit to work in me and through me.

Thank you Jesus for teaching me and showing me of your ways that I may be a leader, as I fallow your lead. Praying on the phone has taught me to pray powerfully and reach directly into the heart of a person with the sword that God has given us all! I am so grateful to be apart of such a wonderful move of God, Peoples’ lives are being affected and changed permanently, people are being saved, set free and filled with the Holy Ghost, set free of bondage’s, healed of all sickness and disease, the bible was not just history it’s the truth and it’s for right now! The reality of His word is powerful and it’s the only way people will truly experience The fire of God in their lives. Many times when I’m doing the phones people ask me to pray for the fire of God on them. And praise God I PRAY IT DOWN AMEN! -Sandra J.

The Great Awakening has been an amazing experience – Rodney Howard Browne

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

The Great Awakening has been an amazing experience; the first night I was here I got to do phones which were really amazing. So many people had prayer requests, they sought guidance from the Lord in different areas of their lives, and it’s really cool to think about how many people seek the Lord all around the world. God speaks to them, on the other side of the world, just like He speaks to me and you. The power of God has been so prevalent to me in these past few hours. Not only has he given me a joy in my heart, but a deeper understanding of perfection in His eyes, and the power that is within each of us as believers. We have no idea what we are empowered with when the spirit of God lives on the inside of us, it’s a light that can only create more light, which spreads through us all. I have sought God these past six months with diligence, and although it is not easy, His presence empowers me to continue on with seeking Him. The Lord has been teaching me character, which is not a reflection of personality, but a reflection of sticking to my guns and doing exactly what He has called me to, not fainting or growing wearing in well doing, because we always sow what we reap. God has guided me, and continued to reveal to me through the Holy Spirit, truths that I could not otherwise understand nor comprehend. I seek to please God; I seek to worship Him and give Him honor and reflect Him in everything I do. The joy of the Lord is my strength and what carries me through the days and especially through the nights. He is the reason for my victory, for my joy, and for my peace.-Sandra J.