Ministers Conference 2010 – Thomas R. Testimony

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Minister’s Conference was an amazing time!! During my summer, I spent a lot of time reading through Deuteronomy and was stirring myself up for God to begin to show me how to take my Promised Land. My faith began to grow and direction was birthed in my heart. I began to step out in what God had spoken to my heart over the summer and it came together quickly and without a hitch!

I ran into a wall at some point, however. I was excited about stepping into what God had for me, but I began to get discouraged because of the time it was taking for me to see the results I expected. I began to have financial struggles and it began to shake my faith. The Friday before conference started, I received prayer in my Divine Healing class by the professor and also received a word. It confirmed everything that I had been pressing in for and the true desire of my heart! My faith rose and kept rising that entire weekend!

During the first night of conference, we sang Enlarge My Territory, the flagship song of the conference. It blew the top off of my faith!! I was fired up for what God was going to do! That second night, the same thing happened, however this time, God spoke to my heart. He began telling me how He was enlarging me and growing my borders. The clarity I received was incredible! I began to weep and shake because the direction that I had been seeking was being downloaded during the service. When we were called up to sing, I could barely stand and sing! The excitement was so powerful! God truly enlarged me last week!!! Hallelujah!!

Ministers Conference 2010 – Andrew H. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Wow, Minister’s Conference was crazy awesome. My “territory was enlarged” and not only that, there were many things that I learned along the way.  My territory was enlarged physically by the Holy Ghost in the form of my vocal range. The lowest end of my vocal range is now two notes lower than before, and the highest end of my range has stretched a note up.

I was surprised the morning of the last day of the conference, when I was warming up my voice, I wasn’t hitting a break in my voice. So, I figured I wasn’t all the way done with my vocal warm-up. So, I kept going, a half step up, and then another. I went up another half step, then my voice was getting light on the top of the note, so I decided to stop so I wouldn’t hurt my voice. This seemed odd to me after I had done the vocal warm-up, so I counted the letters of the notes up to the note before I had stopped earlier, and it was a C-sharp.

Then it clicked, because I knew from before that I could only sing up to the B before it. Then I came down the scale and I came down comfortably from the lowest note from before which was G, down to the E. I knew it had to have been the Holy Ghost because I had stayed at the low G to the higher B for over a year and a half. Now I can sing from an even lower E to a high C-Sharp for a guy’s voice.