Rodney Howard Browne – Beverly B. Testimony

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Soul winning is my personal time to get out there and bless the Lord with souls. How could I not want to give back to Him the very thing He went to the cross for? But the Lord is so good and loving to me, and no matter how hard I try to bless Him, Jesus always blesses me back twice fold. Every time I’m on the streets I am expecting the Lord to show up and do something amazing through me. I love watching the faces of people who get touched, the light or sparkle that takes over a dark eye. It’s the touch of God, His light and you can’t deny it and most importantly they can’t either. You rejoice in His presence together. I understand why the angels rejoice when a sinner comes to the Lord, you just can’t help it; your spirit must rejoice.

Then a funny thing gets to happen; this is what I mean by twice fold, when I get to see the Lord do something supernatural through me on the streets not only do I get blessed while its happening but every time I get the opportunity to share with others what just took place I get a second blessing from the Lord, usually an overflow of joy. There is nothing in life that’s better than this. Let me share two great soul winning stories.

One day out on the streets I was in the projects and the Lord led me to an old man who was quite drunk. He could hardly speak and his eyes were yellow and red. After about 25 minutes sharing Jesus with him, Joe finally said the prayer with me and asked Jesus into his life. I watched this man’s eyes turn white and clear and his words spoken clearly. Only the Lord can sober a drunk! The second took place just a few days ago. I ran after two young teenage girls on a bike and shared the love of the Lord with them.

After they said the prayer, one of the young girls, with tears in her eyes, grabbed me and said, “Oh, you just don’t know what I was thinking of doing. Thank you! Thank you for coming and telling me about Jesus.” This is why I go, I’m compelled; and I receive back so much when I give out. I can’t wait to see what Jesus is going to do next and I get to be a part of it!

Rodney Howard Browne – Allen B. Testimony

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Soul winning in the beginning was really hard for me to just suck it up go up to someone and sheared Jesus with them. I was challenged by other to do better and have boldness and no fear with people. My first time soul winning was with my collage and career group Ignite! I was blessed to be able to lead 8 people to Jesus Christ that day! It was a long time till I was able to have such a fruitful day soul winning. It would be not be till I went on a G.A.T to Riverside, Cal that I would have a real brake through soul winning.

Even there it took many days for things to start to brake. I even went out with Mr. Jake Peterson and it wasn’t till I was put on one of the power teams that things were starting to brake and my brake though began. Then this had to be of God! I was put on a team with my friend Jerady and something that day was different from any other day. A fire was burning inside me. I had a passion for people and where they would spend eternity! I truly cared if they know who Jesus was and what He did for them. A true holy boldness came on me that day. I had been praying for a holy boldness to come on other people and I hadn’t been praying for it myself in my life and started to ask God for it myself and God answered my prayers.

Now how has soul winning impacted my life? It has shown me that it is the job of every beloved to win souls no matter who you are it is our job to share the good news every chance we get. That we are to continued to book of Acts with signs and wonders following us!

Matters of the Heart | Regina W Testimony

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For my husband and I and a few others the day started at 6AM as we arrived early to make final preparations for the local community outreach. 1600 toys and 800 boxes of food stood in preparation as the wee hours of the morning slipped by.

By 7AM many others had arrived as the day’s festivities were set to begin. Bus Captains, Co-Captains, Van Drivers, and Bus Drivers all arrived to receive final instructions before the fleet of 8 buses and 4 vans left to pick up people from all over the city. For many weeks now River church members have been knocking on doors, holding community meetings and passing out flyers to announce the Christmas Outreach. Within 30 minutes after the buses left, Bus Captains began calling stating their buses were filling up fast. Several buses filled up by the 3rd and 4th stop. In addition many visitors began arriving 2 hours early in their own vehicles. All of these signs indicating our grass-roots marketing blitz paid off. Before we knew it, it was time for service to start. Buses and vans rolled in. Families were met by teams of friendly volunteers, all ready to assist and escort the guests as needed. Church Service began.

Teams of volunteers continued working outside to ensure smooth sailing for all of the services being offered to visitors and church members alike. After delivering a solid word based message Pastor Rodney began the altar call. As the invitation was made to receive Jesus, swarms of people got up and crowded the altar. As usual the altar calls at The River are breath-taking but most importantly they are always fueled by the Holy Spirit. Lives were changed right before our eyes as the Holy Spirit began touching hearts. Tears flowed, and echos of cries were heard all signifying God was at work.

After church everyone headed outside for the food and toy giveaway. The children were thrilled as they received toys such at Tonka Trucks, baby dolls, actions figures, jewelry sets etc. No cheap toys were given only the best toys were made ready. Then the families headed to receive their box of groceries filled with cereal, chunky soup, tuna, vegetables candy, juice, pasta and much more. In the end over 300 men, woman and children gave their heart to Jesus, and that is what this outreach was all about.

Matters of the Heart

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This past Sunday at the River, I helped in the 3-4 year old class. I was one of the three group leaders for the over 70 children who attended. There were children from all backgrounds, many didn’t even speak English, but it was so awesome to see the anointing of God flow through them regardless. We kept them all together at first and had worship. Many of the kids who were nervous or unreceptive at first became alive after a few songs. When we split them into groups I had close to 25 kids. The lesson we did was to explain that the real reason for the season was, is, and forever will be Jesus! The children were excited to participate, but also very attentive. They sat and listened which is usually a challenge, especially with that many kids functioning in one room. After the main lesson I shared a very simple salvation message with the kids and asked them who wanted to have Jesus in their hearts. The gospel is so simple that even three year olds know that it’s something good and they want to be a part of it. We went on to do some other crafts and things, but the focus of everything was Jesus being the true meaning of Christmas, not trees, or Santa Claus. We didn’t even have to bring those things up. Once you shine with the truth the darkness and fake have no place. At the end of the day we got all of the kids and their belongings together. We talked about what we had learned and reminded them that some of them said that they wanted to have Jesus in their hearts. We said a simple prayer with everyone and as a result 54 gave their little hearts to Jesus. Hallelujah!

Winter Campmeeting | Sonsearae Johnson Testimony

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The minister’s conferences have always meant so much to me; it’s a time when Ministers from around the world come in and share the call that God has placed on their lives and to also be refreshed themselves. We have an anointed pastor and are so blessed when his friends from ministry come and share what the lord has laid on their hearts the anointing of God always falls in the meetings. Pastor Rodney lets the Holy Spirit flow and I am always touched by God in a different way.

The minister’s conferences always come at the perfect time. I am a student and if you’ve ever been a student of RBI you know that it is spiritually tough and physically tough. Spiritually tough because you are constantly growing in the Lord and having to discipline your life while learning to walk in love. Physically tough because much is required, we walk, work, and serve all with a sense of excellence as we’ve been taught. So when starting school and getting the shock of what to come; the summer camp meeting comes at the time. We student get the spiritual food and refreshing we need to blaze ahead, and after the fall when we’ve grown a little tired, we have the winter camp meeting that refreshes our spirits and moral.

I missed most of winter camp meeting because of work, but summer camp meeting I remember very well. I had just started school and was fired up to change my life. Being in the services and being saturated with anointing of God that was there; brought life into areas of my life that needed it. I was like a hungry student eating as much as I could get and there was more to go around. I was touched greatly and I know that being in those services and the grace of God; has been what’s getting me through the school year. I thank God for the minister’s conferences, what better ministers to have as examples while in school to be a minister.