Great Awakening Tour City #31 Brandon, Florida

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My husband and I helped out with the GAT in Brandon, FL. We learned how to win souls at the GAT, Chattanooga, TN revival in 2007. We heard Pastor Rodney say that he needed soul winners. We had been praying and asking the Lord if we were to go Brandon, FL. We were waiting on some circumstances to change, but the Lord spoke to both my husband and I and said “go down there”. So, we obeyed and went. It was so awesome! We got on fire all over again ! The great thing about going to a tour is that you are with others who will teach you, encourage you and train you how to win souls! I have to tell you that it was so awesome to be with people who were on Fire to see people saved. The most awesome thing about winning souls is that no matter where you go, you can do it. We had our tire go flat on our car the second day that we were there. We were stuck at the hotel while our car was being fixed. I was determined that I wouldn’t let Satan stop me from winning souls that day. I walked around the hotel and found people to talk to about Jesus. I was able to lead four maids, two hotel desk clerks & two guests to the Lord. Now that’s what I would call “Hotel Salvation” ! It’s time for the church to rise up and become what God has called her to be. Every single one of us needs to get out of our holy little huddles and lay down our religious agendas and go out and win the lost. We are so busy building man’s kingdoms that we have forgotten about the kingdom of heaven. The bible says in Matthew 6:33 -But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. When we make winning souls our number one priority, he will take care of all our needs. Catch the fire and be someone else chance for eternal life. Change someone’s life and watch how God will open the heaven’s and pour you out a blessing that can’t be contained!

Marianne C
Cookeville Tennessee United States

Fire Conference 2008 in Drammen, Norway | Marie I Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

I have been suffering with deep depression for a long time. But when I watched the service with Rodney Howard og Adonica Browne LIVE on TV, Jesus totally healed me from depression. Halleuhja!! Now I am happy from I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep in the night :=) Jesus is wonderful!! I am very thankful to God for sending Rodney and Adonica to Norway, they mean a lot to our nation. God bless you both soo much!! With love and unspeakable joy from, Evangelist Heidi Marie Blakkestad, Norway I PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!

Heidi Marie B
Sarpsborg Norway