Great Awakening Tour City #29 Athens, Georgia | Cristina R Testimony

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Today we went to the appartment complex in Athens. The first complex was visited 2 days prior yet God had many waiting and ready. One lady was at the huge garbage dumpster, she looked depressed and had a larp. We prayed for her and the uncontrolable tears flooded her eyes. She was so happy and received Christ. While on the way home we stopped at the store for bread. The lady behind the counter was crying and ran out to the back of the building. We shared our script and she prayed to receive Christ. School bus driver stopped him on his way out of complex- was so blessed to have us to pray for him. So 23 got saved. Joseph & Kristy started just go along with it but while there were saying prayer it seemed like they really meant it, then they said ” thank you” Soulwinner 13 years old-newvous at first but then got easier. Saw a transformation.

Christina R
Athens Georgia United States

Great Awakening Tour City #29 Athens, Georgia | Sandra K Testimony

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Guy wasn’t on fire as much as he use to, rededicated his life to he Lord Last week we met a young guy on the street, who was very reserved in the beginning, when we approched him. We shared about the Fathers love and the soul-winning script with him and he started to open up more and more and we could see that he was deeply touched. After that, he invited Jesus into his heart. Before we said ‘bye’ to him, he received one of the salvation DVD’s and went away. While he went away his girlfriend showed up, from the other side of the street and surprise, surprise, she had one of the DVD’s too. She just met another group of our outreach team on that street and gave her life to Jesus at the same time like her boyfriend we talked to.

Sandra k
Sturbridge Massachusetts United States

Great Awakening Tour City #29 Athens, Georgia | Kris D Testimony

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Pastor Rodney, It was so wonderful to be in your services last week in Athens I was there every night and 4 of the days WOW GOD is AWESOME. The FIRE is lite and I will never be the same, I did Harvesting in the nursing homes and retirement centers and have even been invited to come and do devotionals on a weekly basis at one retirement center as I was traveling home from the retirement center I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that I had finally found my place, I have always had a heart for the Elderly and it was awesome to witness to them and it was also shocking to find how many of them did not know the Lord as there Savior. Thank you for coming to Athens, I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, and I can hardly wait to come to FL in may for the launched into your destiny conference. May God Continue the GREAT WORK in YOU that he has Started. Love in Christ Kris D Covington GA PS I personally saw 69 souls to the Savior.

COVINGTON Georgia United States

Great Awakening Tour City #28 Ball Ground (N. Atlanta) GA | Karen Kay Testimony

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Felted lead to call for prayer on sunday after parcipating the 3rd, 4th and 5th, no phone by then so I email, to say how awesome and asked for the fire in my life it seem as if there was a wall keeping me from my promises of God, after I email, I felt His presence, and alot has happen, and still believing, there is more, and I have victory as I keep steping out, Praise God, and I know it’s in stages, I ask to keep standing in faith that I will be set free, from the one trying to hold me from all God has called me to, (the rich man that uses oppression to gain his wealth, is what The Lord has showed me) praise God,I am praying that the cruse will be reversed,and the holds are NO LONGER there! In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Breakthrough, and Seeing the hidden things that are mine, and for the one who has the stronghold, to use me for his gain or whatever that is, to be broken off od him so he can follow after Jesus, For such a time as this! thank-You so much, for your faithfulness and insight, Praise God “The Lord is my banner” always wanting His fire through me as He leads me. Glory be to God and bless His servants, Amen

Karen Kay H
Mesick Michigan United States