Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Rebecca M Testimony

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Two ladies, mom and daughter received Jesus.This is a new experience for me. It was scary yet exciting to share the good news. We went to the parking lot of Food4Less. It was wonderful to see the glow in peoples faces after they received Jesus as their Lord and SaviorRequested prayer on two occasions for two people sick in the hospital. One had been in a coma and the other had something going on with her blood. Both are out of the hospital and walking. Both are recovering and both need continous prayer. Both just wanted to leave the hospital and get going. To God be the glory. On tuesday morning i went to a nursing home with heidi , margret,and austin me and Austin went to a room and i prayed for a lady she had told me she was jewish. When we were done praying for all the people i told my mom i had saved a jewish lady’s heart. I was so glad i went. thank you!!!!!!

Rebeca m
Donwey California United States

Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Tim G Testimony

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First time with team; when ask what my goal would be, I was not sure. Because I did not know how the team worked, concerned I would put a number that was too much. So I ask God give me a number. He gave 50. Yes! Pentecost and fire! Went to Convelesent homes. I was blessed gathered 47 souls and only needed 3 more. But it was time to return to the church to help with preparing dinner. Then some other pair of the team were going out. As Lisa was getting ready to go out, she heard the Lord to take me with her. We went to a park and gathered 27 more souls. Today is my 2nd day. I know the plan and got the gospel script. I went out to the H.S. market and the track and soccer field. My goal was 100 no sweat!! I went with two team leader. They were Justin, Ruth and Rachel. They were radical, boldly went there. 8 yrs old daughter help lead 7 people to the Lord.

Tim G
California United States

Great Awakening Tour #43 Phoenix, AZ (Hispanic – Bilingual Services)

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While enroute to a second nursing home, I made a “wrong turn.” As I turned around in the parking lot of this strip mall I observed a homeless man laying across the sidewalk. I could not tell if he was breathing. I knew that God had brought me there and that I would either pray for him for salvation or be used by God to raise him from the dead if he was deceased. As I began to speak with the man, he repeated the prayer of salvation and said ” thank you very much.” I went back to my car and brought him some food and water and set it at his side. I then went back to my car to reset the gps and looked up at the man. I watched 8 people walk by him and never give him a second glance as if he was just a piece of trash laying on the sidewalk. I began to weep for the man. God brought to my rememberance the scripture of the Good Samaritan. I sat there for a few minutes just thinking about how many people are out there crying out for salvation and healing and religion just passes them by. 2nd testimony: While enroute to a hospital we stopped to “snag” a few drive-by salvations for Jesus. After we witnessed to a woman cab driver she ran up to the car and said ” please go pray for my daughter Amber. She is at County Hospital and is having complications with the delivery of her baby.” This was a different hospital from the one we were initially going to, but we headed over to County Hospital. We went up to the front desk and told them that we were there to pray for Amber in room 16 and that she was in labor and having complications. There was no room 16 in labor and delivery. We went through the whole hospital looking for an Amber who was in active labor and never did find her. We did pray the prayer of salvation with 66 people during that hour. I was walking in the hallway and felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to go into the Catholic Chapel to pray with whoever was in there. I found a nurse crying about loosing a patient and prayed with her for salvation and for God to heal her heart. The anointing was strong and God really touched me as well. I was not expecting to get such a strong touch from God in a Catholic Chapel with Mary hanging on the wall. When I walked out of the chapel I prayed for healing with a woman who had a cane and was standing by the elevator. She kept thanking me for praying for her. She rededicated her life to the Lord and said that the pain in her leg was removed by God when I prayed for her.

Elizabeth H
Mango Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #39 Phoenix, AZ (Goodyear-West Side)

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When Pastor Rodney was taking the offering. God told me to give everything I had. I gave all the cash I had. God told me do not hold nothing back so I gave it. today I got a check from the state of CA. for 189.00 for something I was not aware of. Praise God. We needed 170.00 for the tags on our car and were believing God for it and he came though. Also my wife was opening the mail today and our mortage on our house dropped 83.00 per month. Thank you Jesus. I do believe it was from our giving. Pastor Rodney you and all the people from the River church have been a real blessing. Thank you.

Keith K
Avondale Arizona United States