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rodney howard browne encourages us to seek God

He kept me from murdering this man—from doing malevolent. I haven’t got to battle that sort of battle, that is God’s job.

If revenge is necessary, it is God’s to do.”. 3 things strike me as I believe about this situation in the life of David and our lives today.

Whatever you do when conflicts arise, be smart.

If you are careless, you may handle conflicts in the energy of the flesh.

What do I mean by being wise? Well, glance at the full picture. There are always 2 sides on the streets of conflict. He gives us the wisdom we need when we ask Him for it. You could have won a battle yesterday, but that doesn’t count when today’s skirmish comes. You could have a great measure of patience today, but it makes little difference tomorrow when the assault comes again. If you notice that there’s nothing you can do, wait. Impossible impasses call for a firm application of brakes. I have rarely made sensible calls in a rush. Similarly , I’ve seldom felt sorry for things I did not say. David manifestly learned this lesson well, for he writes in Psalm 40,. He brought me up out of the pit of eradication, out of the miry clay;. And He set my feet on a rock making my footsteps firm. Psalm forty never claims that David’s situation modified. When you wait, your present position may not change, but you will. In truth, you’ll discover that the reason behind waiting was all for your benefit, because you are the person who wanted to change.